Gloves give you a full protection from virus, bacteria and fungi What features must disposable gloves have to protect against microorganisms? How to recognize and distinguish disposable gloves that fully protect your skin from virus, bacteria and fungi? What are the certification test needed for protection against viruses? Check carefully the glove boxes to be sure that […]

Hand dermatitis is increasingly widespread and represents a reaction of the epidermis to exposure to irritating natural or artificial chemicals. For subjects who for professional reasons are required to wear disposable gloves for several hours a day, it may be gloves, both in latex and also in nitrile, that cause allergic hand dermatitis. In the […]

The EN 420: 2003 standard dictates the general compliance requirements for protective gloves and defines the characteristics that gloves must necessarily have. It is essential that the gloves, to guarantee the best performance, fit perfectly. During the purchase it is necessary to know how to identify the right hand size. But what is the correct […]

  Reflexx will be present at Safety Expo 2019,  the italian most important event about occupational health and safety and fire prevention. At the fair will take place conferences, speeches, training courses and new products, services and technologies will be shown. Come to check out our new products at Hall A, Stand 1 during september […]

  “Writing is nothing more than a guided dream”– Jorge Luis Borges From September 4th to 8th Mantova will host Festivaletteratura, a five-day festival full of events, writers, authors, shows and concerts from which be transported to enjoy an atmosphere of cultural celebration in a renaissance environment that brings the name of the Gonzaga. Even […]

Vinyl Gloves are made from PVC and phthalates. Phthalates are not very water-soluble chemical compounds, but they migrate very easily when they come into contact with fats and sometimes with alcoholic and dairy products. For this reason the use of vinyl gloves in the food industry is strongly discouraged due to the possibility of phthalate […]

Disposable gloves are strictly necessary Medical Devices and PersonalProtection Equipment in different jobs to safeguard wearers’ health and those who come into contact with them. Choosing quality MD and PPE means better and longer protection. Choosing quality disposable gloves implies a lower consumption, thanks to less breaks and defects.Manufacturers of high quality disposable gloves pay […]

Starting today 26/10 till Sunday 28/10 you can meet us @ Palermo Tattoo Expo More than 160 tattoo artists from all over Italy and Europe. Take the chance to see and try all different kind of gloves for tattoo and cosmetic sector.    

Reflexx is leader in innovation in the field of disposable gloves for years. The list of new models of gloves launched in recent years, includes gloves for specific uses and sectors, but also gloves like Reflexx N80 designed to help our TRADE customers to offer an INNOVATIVE and TRANSVERSAL glove that can be used for […]

Reflexx is close to the territory and this year has decided to sponsor the prestigious Mantua Literature Festival which has now reached its XXII edition. The festival will be held from 5 to 9 September. More information on The event sponsored by Reflexx is FERRO (click here for details)    

Reflexx has obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 according to the ISO 9001 2015 version which is updated and more restrictive compared to the previous ISO 9001 2008 version. ISO 9001 defines the minimum requirements that the Quality Management System of an Organization must demonstrate to satisfy in order to guarantee the level of quality […]

Reflexx presents a new nitrile disposable glove specially developed for heavy duty (production, mechanics and automotive companies) and strongly requested by the market. Reflexx N85 is not a novelty in the market but it represents a good completion for the Reflexx product range, and particularly for the industrial line. Reflexx N85 is a top-quality glove, […]

At the next exhibition Colloquium Dental helding in Italy – Montichiari (BS) – from October 19th up to 21st, Reflexx presents for the first time an important news: REFLEXX CARE, a completely new disposable gloves line with innovative products and fresh new image the new Care Line has been developed for all  people having irritated, reddened, swollen hands due to prolonged use of disposable […]

The all-purpose-glove does not exist. CE mark indicates certain basic tests have been performed but these are not specific enough in many cases. Gloves shall be safe in use: Any gloves shall be safe and comfortable to wear. General working gloves shall be robust and protect against some more mechanical challenges. Food handling gloves shall […]

World Hand Hygiene Day, marked globally on 5 May, highlights the importance of hand hygiene in health care. The slogan of this year’s campaign is “Fight antibiotic resistance … it’s in your hands”, illustrating the important relationship between good infection prevention and control practices like washing your hands and preventing antibiotic resistance. Reflexx, acting as […]

During the internationally renown Pulire fair, which will be held as usual in Verona May 23rd-25th, Reflexx will present many news, regarding products and not only. First of all, a new stand welcomes guests and lets you see, touch and test every single model of the wide range of Reflexx gloves. It is also available […]

Reflexx is glad to announce that the Reflexx Line Food Handling Gloves have received the prestigious professional certification by the Italian Chefs Federation, the leading industry association whit 16,000 Associates, 12,000 are professional chefs. The F.I.C. council rated the 3 types of Reflexx gloves to be excellent for the use in contact with food. The […]

The new Nitrile Reflexx 67 STRONG gloves , black color and medium thickness (0.12 mm.) is an ideal product for those who need a disposable resistant glove with mechanical and chemicals resistance (cat. 3rd product as PPE – carefully evaluate the resistance of the test results EN 374-3). Recommended for use in mechanical, tires, mechanical and chemical industries. For […]

Reflexx presents new disposable gloves Reflexx 51 lite. It is a very thin latex glove (0.08 mm.), but  high quality thanks to the mixture of selected latex. The glove, differently from many generic latex powdered gloves, reaches an AQL inferior to1.5 and a minimum tensile strength of 6 N, as requested by medical regulations. The […]

Reflexx presents Reflexx 94 BIC, reusable Latex glove  Yellow / Blue colour. The Reflexx 94 BIC is a glove with double thickness on palm and fingers and then recommended for those uses where conventional reusable gloves do not provide sufficient protection or duration. They are certified cat. 3 of risk for use as PPE. Recommended for: Cleaning […]

Reflexx is launching the new glove REUSABLE Reflexx 101HD + Neoprene Latex, lightly flock-lined. The Reflexx 101HD is a Nitrile Heavy Duty Industrial product,  3rd category, with excellent multi-purpose mechanical and chemical resistance. It has an important thickness of 0.68 mm. Recommended for: Heavy Industry – Light Industry For more information click on the product sheet Flocklined […]

Reflexx unveils the New REUSABLE Reflexx 97HD Nitrile glove, lightly flocklined. The Reflexx 97HD is a Heavy Duty Industrial Product Nitrile 3rd category with excellent multi-purpose mechanical and chemical resistance thanks to its thickness (0.40 mm). Recommended for: Heavy Industry – Automotive – Light Industry – Typography – Food Industry For more information click on […]

Reflexx introduces new reusable gloves specially developed and designed to meet the needs of the Food industry customers. Most household gloves in rubber latex, subjected to rigorous testing law, highlight  restrictions of use in respect of different types of foods, especially with fat, oil and acid. Such migrations can not only organoleptically modify the food, but […]

Reflexx proposes a brand new ultrasensitive Nitrile glove , elastic and resistant at the same time, named Reflexx 77. Produced by latest generation plants with very low thicknesses (0.05 mm. average) the gloves pass though strict standards as Medical Devices (EN 455) which require controlled AQL and tensile strenght . The Reflexx 77 has also been  tested by […]

The new Reflexx 72 FH has been specifically designed to meet customers’ needs in the food sector and catering. So far we’ve seen gloves that after rigorous testing, should be excluded from use with this or that food (non acid food, non fatty food, non alcoholic food), also for Nitrile Gloves notoriously more suitable for […]

Reflexx 76 nitrile gloves are powder free, category III PPE and are suitable for protection from chemicals and microorganisms in accordance to Directive 89/686 /EEC. These certifications are made to garantee the user against possible enemies that can compromise their health.

Please be informed that, with effect from the 1st of July 2014, SGR S.r.l. has changed its name becoming REFLEXX S.r.l. The company has also moved to new address Via Passeri, 2 46019 VIADANA Mantova (Italy), a few meters from the previous offices (former Brozzi S.p.A. buiding). VAT and TAX CODE remain unchanged.

Latex quotas partially stabilized well above the lowest in 2011. In February the average price was 7.76 Malaysian Ringgit / kg, more than 15% lower than the end of 2011. Latex base products are therefore expected to increase for the months to come, also bearing in mind that gloves manufacturers went undercutting to sell the […]

Lattice quotes in January 2012 are recovering from the lowest in 2011, reached last December with a monthly average of 6.68 Malaysian Ringgit / kg. It is expected after the Chinese New Year to establish more precisely if one can speak of real growth trends or only of a straw fire.

Reflexx 40 latex gloves in Nitrile Reflexx 70 and HR Reflexx 98 latex have been certified in Risk Cat. III under D.Lgs 475/92 implementing Directive 89/686 / EEC as protective gloves chemical agents and microorganisms.

SGR S.r.l. is pleased to inform you about the launch of the new Reflexx 99 – “Hi Risk” product, high nitrile dust-free glove. The nitrile glove Reflexx 99 meets various regulations in the field of medical and occupational safety, which guarantees high quality, durability and safety of the product.

From July will enter the NEW Latex Feather Plus Glove Dispenser. These are the same latex latex gloves which have been marketed in the Blue Color Box. The change took place in conjunction with the launch of the New Nitrile Feather with a blue color box for obvious differentiation.

From 24 to 26 May 2011 Sgr Reflexx will participate together with Casa Madre ARIX SpA at the important International Cleanup Fair that will be held in Verona. Clean – “Clean Door” International Fair – is an important Showcase of the International Caliber Professional Cleanup Products and Technologies. Sgr Reflexx will attend the Fair Clean […]

The Reflexx 48 Blue Latex glove has been discontinued due to Food Contact use amd due to costo of the item Therefore Reflexx 48 latex disposable glove has been deleted from the range. For further information do not hesitate to contact us. We will be at your disposal with expertise and know-how.

SGR s.r.l. is glad to inform about the launch of the new Reflexx 48 Disposable Latex glove, disposable latex gree color ideal for Medical uses. The new Latex glove has special antislip surface, that allows a better grip and sensitiveness, peculiar features for the use in the dental-Medical line For further information do not hesitate […]

SGR S.r.l. is pleased to present the new Reflexx 32 plus disposable glove with blue color vinyl. Reflexx 32 plus vinyl gloves have passed food testing tests with simulant acids, alcoholic and aqueous, and fat separately, are suitable for contact with different types of food (Food Contact Certificate available on request). For more information please […]