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DynamiΣ PRC: Reflexx supports young engineering talents

dynamis reflexx automotive meccanica automobile

DynamiΣ PRC: Reflexx supports young engineering talents Reflexx has started a collaboration with DynamiΣ PRC, the racing department of the Politecnico di Milano which competes in the international Formula SAE championship. Uniquely composed of selected students from the various faculties of the Politecnico: young engineers, designers and technicians, the goal of DynamiΣ is the design […]

Reflexx supports SIMBIO

Reflexx in 2022 supports SIMBIO (Innovative Biodiversity Maintenance Systems) Simbio is a non-profit organization that has been active since 2012, created to protect areas of the Amazon Forest (in Peru in the Madre de Dios region) from deforestation. Alongside this ambitious project, Simbio has also decided to invest and support a green area North of […]

MEDeA: our help for research and innovation

Neoplastic diseases: concrete help for our territory Research and innovation: two fundamental aspects for constant improvement in beating neoplastic diseases. Research and innovation mean also access to high quality care. This is what the volunteers of MEDeA, Medicine and Art believe. They are active in the province of Cremona, assisting people suffering from oncological diseases […]

Together with PedalAbile on the tandem!

A tandem to go further In the past, Reflexx has taken sports projects to heart, opportunities for involving people with disabilities. Also for 2022 we reaffirm our commitment to associations promoting recreational and social interest activities that promote the inclusion and social integration of people with disabilities.The initiative selected as deserving of concrete help for […]

Reflexx is among the top Mantuan companies for growth in turnover 2019-2020

Reflexx is among the top Mantuan companies for growth in turnover 2019-2020 Our company has been included among the best companies in the province of Mantua, as part of the TOP500 Mantua project, carried out Valora. #TOP500Mantova is a research and economic-financial analysis project of the best entrepreneurial realities in the province of Mantua, based […]

Food Contact Materials (FCM): Reflexx has what it takes

Gloves for handling food are not just a fundamental item of hygienic equipment, but are governed by REGULATION 1935/2004/EC and REGULATION (EU) 10/2011), i.e. “Materials and articles intended to come into contact with food”. These must be produced according to good manufacturing practices in order to not pose a threat to health or lead to […]

New european regulation on medical devices

guanti lattice medicale laboratori dispositivo medico normativa

The new Regulation on Medical Devices, MDR 217/745, enforced on May the 26th 2021, in all EU Countries, is replacing the Directive 93/42/EEC. The new MDR 2017/745 is increasing the obligations of the medical device stakeholders: manufacturers, mandatories, importers and distributors, healthcare professionals and end users. Since the disposable gloves may be also used as […]

Five years of collaboration with the Italian Federation of Chefs

federazione italiana cuochi R77 monouso linea food alimenti reflexx

Way back in 2016, when we founded our prestigious collaboration with the Italian Federation of Chefs (the FIC), the most important association in the sector, with 16,000 associates of which 12,000 are professional chefs, our aim was to create synergy with an entity that pays particular attention to all aspects of hygiene and contact with […]

Gloves and protective equipment. Beware of fraud!

Beware of low-cost products. Trust certified products. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented worldwide demand for personal protective equipment such as clothing, masks and above all gloves. Every day, professionals in the world of work – and beyond – seek to protect themselves and others from the spread of this terrible virus. The market […]

Latex: an intelligent choice

Latex gloves: facts and myths In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence and development of synthetic materials (nitrile and vinyl) that offer a valid alternative for all those who experience latex-related allergies. But the market has evolved, and the professional risks associated with this material have effectively diminished. When compared to vinyl and nitrile […]

New Reflexx PRO line of supported work gloves

Reflexx PRO, the new line of work gloves for professionals Multi-use industrial line: high protection, increased resistance and comfort for all areas of use Reflexx has always designed, developed and manufactured protective devices for professionals in the world of work, whose quality and reliability testify to the commitment and dedication of our company in offering […]

The new Reflexx branch in Genoa

Reflexx new office Genoa

Reflexx’s new commercial offices One aspect that has always strongly characterised Reflexx is its continuous search for innovation. Innovation in both products and processes. However, innovation also means making change that create well-being both within and beyond the company, starting with the workplace. This is why we have opened new offices in Genoa. A new, […]

Vinyl and nitrile: strength through unity. Even with gloves

The new Reflexx V34 line of vinyl gloves Are you looking for vinyl gloves that combine important savings with increased resistance? Reflexx recently launched the new Reflexx V34 powder-free vinyl gloves with added nitrile on the market. In comparison with latex and nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves are less resistant, characterised by lower molecular cohesion and […]

Tangible help in aid of the Italian Red Cross

croce rossa donation EN

Reflexx alongside the Italian Red Cross Times of emergency, such as those we are currently experiencing, call for actions of solidarity and concrete sharing. Along with many other local associations, the Italian Red Cross Committee of Castiglione delle Stiviere has been committed to many activities in aid of the population. Its volunteers are involved in […]

New latex glove for odontologists, prosthodontists and dental hygiene specialists

New latex glove for odontologists, prosthodontists and dental hygiene specialists ergonomic glove for dental surgeries Gloves with an anatomical design and double fit, differentiated for the right and left hand. In the dental sector, gloves form part of standard safety equipment. Gloves do not in fact only protect the dentist and assistants, but also the […]

Reusable gloves: the alternative to disposable gloves?

Reusable protective gloves in critical situations: tips for the correct use The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that, given the increase in demand for PPE and the interruption of their supply, the safety of people directly involved in critical situations is jeopardized. Situations like this we are experiencing, reported by the WHO, in which […]

Do Your Gloves Pass the Viral Penetration Test?

normativa virus

Gloves give you a full protection from virus, bacteria and fungi What features must disposable gloves have to protect against microorganisms? How to recognize and distinguish disposable gloves that fully protect your skin from virus, bacteria and fungi? What are the certification test needed for protection against viruses? Check carefully the glove boxes to be sure that […]

New hypoallergenic gloves to prevent contact hand dermatitis

nuovo guanto reflexx n71 new glove neu handschuhe dermatite dermatitis low derma universale

Hand dermatitis is increasingly widespread and represents a reaction of the epidermis to exposure to irritating natural or artificial chemicals. For subjects who for professional reasons are required to wear disposable gloves for several hours a day, it may be gloves, both in latex and also in nitrile, that cause allergic hand dermatitis. In the […]

How to measure the hand size

The EN 420: 2003 standard dictates the general compliance requirements for protective gloves and defines the characteristics that gloves must necessarily have. It is essential that the gloves, to guarantee the best performance, fit perfectly. During the purchase it is necessary to know how to identify the right hand size. But what is the correct […]

Safety Expo 2019

safety expo 2019

  Reflexx will be present at Safety Expo 2019,  the italian most important event about occupational health and safety and fire prevention. At the fair will take place conferences, speeches, training courses and new products, services and technologies will be shown. Come to check out our new products at Hall A, Stand 1 during september […]

Reflexx at Festivaletteratura in Mantova

Festivaletteratura 2018

    “Writing is nothing more than a guided dream”– Jorge Luis Borges From September 4th to 8th Mantova will host Festivaletteratura, a five-day festival full of events, writers, authors, shows and concerts from which be transported to enjoy an atmosphere of cultural celebration in a renaissance environment that brings the name of the Gonzaga. […]

Vinyl gloves? No thanks

Vinyl Gloves are made from PVC and phthalates. Phthalates are not very water-soluble chemical compounds, but they migrate very easily when they come into contact with fats and sometimes with alcoholic and dairy products. For this reason the use of vinyl gloves in the food industry is strongly discouraged due to the possibility of phthalate […]

New GREEN campaign for Reflexx and 4Ocean

Reflexx green

Disposable gloves are strictly necessary Medical Devices and PersonalProtection Equipment in different jobs to safeguard wearers’ health and those who come into contact with them. Choosing quality MD and PPE means better and longer protection. Choosing quality disposable gloves implies a lower consumption, thanks to less breaks and defects.Manufacturers of high quality disposable gloves pay […]

NEW orange nitrile glove – Reflexx N85 for heavy duty

Reflexx presents a new nitrile disposable glove specially developed for heavy duty (production, mechanics and automotive companies) and strongly requested by the market. Reflexx N85 is not a novelty in the market but it represents a good completion for the Reflexx product range, and particularly for the industrial line. Reflexx N85 is a top-quality glove, […]

Gloves developed for food professionals… suitable also for contact with dairy products

Not all gloves are suitable for contact with food and not all gloves are suitable for contact with dairy products (cheese, milk, butter and derived) too. According to the European regulation 10/2011 the reference simulant for dairy products is 50% Ethanol (simulant D1), but not all gloves that report food suitability have faced this severe […]

Reflexx presents the new CARE line at the fair Colloquium Dental

At the next exhibition Colloquium Dental helding in Italy – Montichiari (BS) – from October 19th up to 21st, Reflexx presents for the first time an important news: REFLEXX CARE, a completely new disposable gloves line with innovative products and fresh new image the new Care Line has been developed for all  people having irritated, reddened, swollen hands due to prolonged use of disposable […]

Did you know May 5th is the World Hand Hygiene Day?

World Hand Hygiene Day, marked globally on 5 May, highlights the importance of hand hygiene in health care. The slogan of this year’s campaign is “Fight antibiotic resistance … it’s in your hands”, illustrating the important relationship between good infection prevention and control practices like washing your hands and preventing antibiotic resistance. Reflexx, acting as […]

Italian Chef federation Agreement

Reflexx is glad to announce that the Reflexx Line Food Handling Gloves have received the prestigious professional certification by the Italian Chefs Federation, the leading industry association whit 16,000 Associates, 12,000 are professional chefs. The F.I.C. council rated the 3 types of Reflexx gloves to be excellent for the use in contact with food. The […]

New Reflexx 67 STRONG black Nitrile gloves

Black Powder Free Nitrile Gloves Reflexx 67

The new Nitrile Reflexx 67 STRONG gloves , black color and medium thickness (0.12 mm.) is an ideal product for those who need a disposable resistant glove with mechanical and chemicals resistance (cat. 3rd product as PPE – carefully evaluate the resistance of the test results EN 374-3). Recommended for use in mechanical, tires, mechanical and chemical industries. For […]

New Reusable Glove Reflexx 101HD

Flocklined Neoprene Rubber Reusable Gloves Reflexx 101

Reflexx is launching the new glove REUSABLE Reflexx 101HD + Neoprene Latex, lightly flock-lined. The Reflexx 101HD is a Nitrile Heavy Duty Industrial product,  3rd category, with excellent multi-purpose mechanical and chemical resistance. It has an important thickness of 0.68 mm. Recommended for: Heavy Industry – Light Industry For more information click on the product sheet Flocklined […]

New Reflexx 97HD Nitrile

Flocklined Nitrile Reusable Gloves Reflexx 97

Reflexx unveils the New REUSABLE Reflexx 97HD Nitrile glove, lightly flocklined. The Reflexx 97HD is a Heavy Duty Industrial Product Nitrile 3rd category with excellent multi-purpose mechanical and chemical resistance thanks to its thickness (0.40 mm). Recommended for: Heavy Industry – Automotive – Light Industry – Typography – Food Industry For more information click on […]


Unlined Nitrile Reusable Gloves Reflexx 95

Reflexx introduces new reusable gloves specially developed and designed to meet the needs of the Food industry customers. Most household gloves in rubber latex, subjected to rigorous testing law, highlight  restrictions of use in respect of different types of foods, especially with fat, oil and acid. Such migrations can not only organoleptically modify the food, but […]

Nitrile glove REFLEXX 77, hairline but Resistant

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves Reflexx 77

Reflexx proposes a brand new ultrasensitive Nitrile glove , elastic and resistant at the same time, named Reflexx 77. Produced by latest generation plants with very low thicknesses (0.05 mm. average) the gloves pass though strict standards as Medical Devices (EN 455) which require controlled AQL and tensile strenght . The Reflexx 77 has also been  tested by […]