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Black and blue food service gloves: characteristics and differences

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In the food industry, hygiene is a top priority: those working in professional kitchens are not always aware of the importance of wearing protective gloves when handling food.

Among the available options, black and blue food service gloves emerge as frequent choices. In this article, we will explore the differences between these two types of gloves and explain the special characteristics of both of them.

Black gloves for food service: elegance and advanced protection


Black gloves for food service made of high-quality nitrile are renowned for their combination of elegance and advanced protection.

Nitrile, the material they are made of, provides a reliable barrier against contamination, germs, and undesirable chemicals, plus since they are black, they also have a particularly professional look.

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of this type of product is its ability to conceal stains and dirt. This can be advantageous in situations where aesthetics plays an important role, while also helping to maintain a clean, tidy environment during peak working hours.

Blue gloves for food contact: safety and accuracy


Now, let’s talk about nitrile or polyethylene blue gloves for food contact.

These gloves highlight the importance of hygiene: since they are blue, it is easy to immediately detect glove fragments and any potential contamination, ensuring accurate visual inspection during food handling operations.

It is certainly not by chance that the food service gloves have this particular colour. In fact, no food is blue in colour, which means that if the glove is torn, any fragments can be immediately identified, thus eliminating the risk of food contamination. From an HACCP and therefore a Risk Analysis point of view, wearing blue gloves is, undoubtedly, a sensible precautionary measure to take.

So which food contact gloves should be chosen when working in the kitchen? Black or blue?


Although black gloves boast unparalleled elegance and an excellent degree of protection, it is nevertheless of vital importance to take the priority of hygiene and food safety into consideration.

Blue food service gloves may prove to be the best choice in most cases: they are the gloves suitable to handle all types of food. Their colour makes it easy to visually inspect for any potential contamination, ensuring that food is prepared safely.

Moreover, to carry out activities require a high degree of manual precision and attention to detail, it is best to prefer thinner gloves, which give more manual freedom.

We can therefore say that black gloves provide an excellent solution for situations such as catering and food service, while for food handling, processing and preparation operations, blue service gloves are probably the safest and most regulation-compliant option.


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