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CSR: a 2022 dedicated to social and environmental issues


Reflexx for the social and the environment

In 2022 Reflexx decided to strengthen actions in favor of social and environmental issues, which have always been at the heart of the company.

We are people who protect people: taking care of the environment and social issues is part of our DNA, our way of working and our CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Reflexx promotes its CSR through a plan of voluntary actions in favor of the well-being of the society in which it operates and of the planet. This plan has been called “Reflexx for Planet”, identifiable with the following brand new logo

In this way, at Reflexx, we aim to stand out for our ability to rethink business practices from a sustainable perspective and in step with social and technological evolution. For this reason our actions will follow these principles:

  • Ethical sustainability: drafting the code of ethics, the charter of fundamental rights and duties where the ethical and social responsibilities (both internally and externally) of the company and the values it embraces are defined.
  • Social sustainability: rewarding local social activities that we consider deserving of economic support, but not only. 
  • Environmental sustainability: protecting nature, how we protect people.
  • Economic sustainability: structuring the business activity always keeping in mind the environmental well-being.

All the actions undertaken with associations and partners in both the social and environmental contexts will soon be published and documented on the website.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

― Ryunosuke Satoro

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