Reflexx is a leading importing Company distributing throughout Europe Disposable gloves: Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl, Polyethylene and Household gloves. The Reflexx branded gloves are manufactured with superior elasticity for great sensitiveness thanks to high technology plants and a thorough choice and selection of the raw materials. The Reflexx gloves comply with different norms related to Medical, Personal Protection and Food Contact uses in order to guarantee high quality, high resistance and safety. Find Out More


Professional work gloves for every sector

Gloves for food applications

settore alimentare
Gloves food

Wide range tightly controlled as far as the compounding and manufacturing side passing stringent periodic tests by certified bodies.

Gloves for the cleaning industry and service companies

Gloves for cleaning

The Gloves are tested and certified by qualified and notified CE bodies to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Gloves for industry, mechanics and automotive

settore industria meccanica auto
Industrial gloves

The choice of materials is crucial as much as choosing the thickness to ensure proper mechanical and chemical protection.

Gloves for dentistis

guanti monouso per dentisti
Gloves for dentists

High quality raw material and innovation to guarantee comfort to the user and protection to the patient.

Gloves for the medical and laboratory industries

Gloves for medical

We develop high quality products to ensure maximum protection for the user and the patient.

Gloves for tattoo and piercing artists

Gloves for tattoo

Gloves stop any possible infection from entering a client’s skin while tattooing or piercing. Use gloves because safety isn’t an option.

Gloves for cosmetics, beauty and hairdressing

Gloves for cosmetics

Coloranti, tinture, decoloranti, saponColorants, dyes, bleaches, soaps, perfumes and solvents: there are many components that we daily work with, that may spoil the lipid layer and be absorbed by our skin.


For any need on our range, distribution and sale of our disposable and household gloves, do not hesitate to contact us.


The upcoming Reflexx gloves

The new Reflexx gloves will be available starting from September, contact us to find out more

Reflexx L1100 – Powder Free Latex Gloves – gr. 9,6 high strength

Anatomically designed latex glove with different fits for the right and left hand. Recommended for the dental and healthcare sector but also for heavy use, in fact the high thickness of 0.19 mm and the length of 28 cm guarantee excellent strength and protection. Sold in packs of 50 pairs (100 pieces).

Check out the new L1100

Reflexx POLYETHYLENE Giga-Pack – P500

Reflexx 18 high density polyethylene (HDPE) gloves in a new 500-piece packaging.
Disposable, ambidextrous and powder-free, it is suitable for any use where a low-cost glove with an easy fit is required. The new 500-piece pack reduces the shipping costs.

Check out the new Reflexx 18 Pack


Reflexx N80B – Powder Free Nitrile Blue Gloves – gr. 3,0

It is the blue version of Reflexx N80: it is an extremely versatile nitrile glove, suitable for multiple sectors: Cleaning, Cosmetics, Dental, Medical, Light industry. 100% latex free, the absence of powder reduces the risk of dermatitis and contamination.

Check out the new N80 Blue

Reusable gloves for professionals

Supported industrial gloves

Industrial gloves

In synthetic knit with seamless stitching and polyurethane or nitrile coating. Good dexterity, grip and mechanical resistance. Available in 4 different variants: black, gray, white and white/gray.

Reusable gloves

Reusable gloves

With or without internal plush, reusable nitrile and latex gloves have excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.Reusable gloves are ideal in this period as they are washable and sanitizable, to be used several times and last over time.



Sanitize reusable gloves: find out how to do it correctly! Safe removal, washing and sanitizing of gloves in a few simple steps for right use of reusable gloves.

All the Reflexx gloves

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