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A new wood on the shores of the Po


Reflexx for Planet: the Forest of Festivaletteratura

On Saturday 9 April, with the involvement of Festivaletteratura members and volunteers in the planting work, a new river forest with 1300 new plants belonging to thirteen different species was born in a state-owned area on the banks of the Po in the Mantuan municipality of Dosolo. . The area, of about one hectare, will host 975 new trees, including black and white poplars, English oaks, ash trees and elms, which will form a wooded formation typical of the lowland, and 325 shrubs, which thanks to the blooms and abundant production of berries will play a useful role for pollinating insects and wildlife. the forest will generate an increase in CO2 absorption that will fluctuate between 5.3 and 6.1 tons per year.

Reflexx, already supporter of Festivaletteratura for numerous editions, supported the Bosco project as part of the Reflexx for Planet project, the integrated environmental action plan. Now, with the creation of the forest, Reflexx adds a new piece to its action plan: that of ecological restoration.


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