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Reflexx supports SIMBIO


Reflexx in 2022 supports SIMBIO (Innovative Biodiversity Maintenance Systems)

Simbio is a non-profit organization that has been active since 2012, created to protect areas of the Amazon Forest (in Peru in the Madre de Dios region) from deforestation. Alongside this ambitious project, Simbio has also decided to invest and support a green area North of Italy based, by creating a vegetable garden and a social park: Parco Galileo. The park aims to increase the opportunities for encounters and relationships between parts of the area through horticulture and a lifestyle that is as closely linked to nature as possible.

Simbio contributes to the sustainability of the Park, giving anyone the opportunity to protect a garden area through the protection system of natural areas.

Reflexx for the year 2022 has decided to support SIMBIO taking care of both green areas, in the Amazon and also in Italy.

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