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Together with PedalAbile on the tandem!


A tandem to go further

In the past, Reflexx has taken sports projects to heart, opportunities for involving people with disabilities. Also for 2022 we reaffirm our commitment to associations promoting recreational and social interest activities that promote the inclusion and social integration of people with disabilities.

The initiative selected as deserving of concrete help for 2022 is

PedalAbile is a social promotion association born from Roberto’s passion for bikes and Riccardo’s desire to get closer to that world. This couple’s adventure was born with a very specific goal: to gather as many supporters as possible to support associations or volunteers who, with the purchase of new Tandems, can “donate” to as many special people the time and joy of a healthy ride.

Reflexx has decided to jump on the tandem to go even further, with any SuperAbile cyclist who wants to join, because: “Alone you go faster, but two go farther”

Even with the help of Reflexx, the association will be able to purchase a van to transport the numerous tandems.

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