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Sushi gloves: hygiene and food safety

guanti da sushi

In the food industry, safety and hygiene are two crucial values that cannot be put on the back burner.


When it comes to highly fashionable and extremely delicate hand-prepared foods such as sushi, the importance of using the right tools becomes increasingly more evident: polyethylene sushi gloves stand out as the ideal solution to ensure high quality standards and the utmost hygiene in the kitchen environment.


Let’s take a look at all the advantages of choosing disposable sushi gloves made from this material.


The advantages of using disposable polyethylene sushi gloves


Polyethylene disposable sushi gloves are specially designed to meet the needs of the food industry.

These gloves are the best defence strategy against contamination and provide a number of remarkable advantages, including:


  • The feature that makes polyethylene gloves preferable when coming into contact with rice is that this food does not stick to the glove, therefore making food preparation easier.


  • high hygiene standards: disposable sushi gloves create a protective barrier between the operator’s hands and the food itself, drastically reducing the risk of contamination and helping to maintain food safety standards.


  • Safe, reliable materials: polyethylene gloves comply with Regulation No.1935/2004/EC– EU Regulation No. 10/2011 et seq. regarding Food Contact Materials (FCMs).


  • Tactile sensitivity: sushi preparation requires considerable precision. Polyethylene disposable food grade gloves are designed to provide a suitable degree of tactile sensitivity, enabling chefs to handle ingredients with precision, without compromising comfort.


  • Comfort and fit: disposable gloves must fit sushi men’s and chef’s hands perfectly to ensure a trouble-free working experience. Polyethylene gloves are quick to put on and take off at the end of the working day.

Disposable gloves for the food industry: the Reflexx Food Line


When preparing sushi delicacies such as nigiri, sashimi and uramaki, we recommend choosing the right model to meet your needs from the  Reflexx range of disposable gloves specifically designed for the food industry and chefs, where you will find gloves that have undergone strict controls in terms of their composition and production.


All Reflexx food grade nitrile and polyethylene gloves have successfully passed periodic tests by qualified and ACCREDIA-certified bodies to monitor any potential problems and therefore provide a guarantee of safety, quality, reliability, and durability for food service operators.


Choosing our polyethylene disposable sushi gloves means purchasing responsibly and intelligently for anyone seeking the utmost performance in the kitchen environment.


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