Gloves for Janitorial & Cleaning Companies

” Prolonged contact with more or less aggressive products can endanger our skin and also the exposure to water or simply ever-wet hands may result in a decrease of the protective layer of the skin and promoting micro-cracks and fissures.
The choice of protective gloves is not only suggested, but mandatory in many types of work.
We prefer  powder-free gloves in case of frequent and prolonged use. They have a good biocompatibility and do not dry or even further spoil the lipid layer.
The Gloves are tested and certified by qualified and notified CE bodies according to Reg EU 2016/425 concerning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The choice of different materials such as Nitrile, Latex or Vinyl are often decided by the management based on the pure costs, instead of considering, in the first place, the biocompatibility of each subject (e.g. taking into consideration eventual allergies) and the kind of products (detergent and solvents more or less aggressive) that you might come in contact with in order protect your hands, the most valuable tool for your work.”

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