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Reflexx is sponsor of Celebrity Chef 2022

Reflexx N81 celebrity chef 2022

Reflexx gloves as sponsor of the new TV show

Reflexx gloves are official sponsors of Celebrity Chef 2022 1° edition alongside Alessandro Borghese.
From September 2022 aired Alessandro Borghese’s Celebrity Chef, a tv show in which several celebrities took to the kitchen, in the restaurant “Il Lusso della Semplicità”, owned by Barbara Bouchet’s son.

Reflexx role in the show

Reflexx professional gloves accompanied the numerous competitors of the caliber of Pupo, Moreno and Anna Falchi but also Cecilia Rodrigues and Carmen Russo. All famous people who, assisted by the professional chefs of the restaurant, prepared starred dishes then tasted and judged by Borghese himself, chef Enrico Bartolini and journalist Angela Frenda.

Reflexx 72 100% FOOD, the top glove for food handling and Reflexx N81, recommended for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector were worn by the celebrities during the various episodes.

Being sponsor of Celebrity Chef alongside Alessandro Borghese testifies Reflexx’s interest and care for professional gloves for food use, food service and Ho.Re.Ca.

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