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Green Eco Dot Certificate

Green eco dot eng

Every production process and every service has an effect on the natural environment: energy, resources and water are consumed, CO2 is emitted but also other gaseous and solid waste as waste by-products. In strict compliance with DIN-EN-ISO standards, the Green Eco Dot draws up an Environmental Performance Balance every year, confirmed by expert experts, for an ecological assessment of its work. The results of the analyzes contained therein serve to make decisions regarding the ecological optimization of processes on a solid basis of evidence.

This is how we obtained the “Green Eco Dot” certificate from Der Grüne Punkt for the year 2022 for the recycling of our packaging (packaging) in Germany! This certificate certifies that we have contributed to reducing the emission of CO2, phosphates, sulfur dioxide but also energy expenditure! A further step forward towards a better optimization of processes with a view to environmental protection.


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