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“The glove is not only a fundamental hygienic device, but is listed as  F.C.M (Food Contact Material) Regulation 1935/2004/EC and subsequent amendments relating to products intended for contact with food.
Reflexx offers a wide range of gloves tightly controlled  as far as the compounding and manufacturing side that pass stringent periodic tests by qualified and certified bodies (tests available upon request) in order to monitor and control any global and specific migration of any components that can alter the organoleptic composition of the food and/or create potential health damage.

The risk of generic Nitrile gloves is loosing pigments, additives and Raw Materials (specific and global migrations) in contact with different types of foods including various types of cheese, yogurts, creams, liquid eggs, vinegar, fruit or vegetables juices, syrups, infusions.
Checking always on THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED ON THE LABEL AND on the Declaration of Conformity is not ONLY An OBLIGATION BUT A CIVIC DUTY of the whole food production chain from manufacturers,  to distributors, down to End Users.

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