Latex is a natural material coming from ”rubber trees” (Hevea brasiliensis), cultivated mainly in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and South East Asian countries. It may also be called rubber or caoutchouc. It‘s the most resilient natural material ever known.
A major feature is the ability of regaining the original shape when subjected to pressure or elongation. For this reason it is one of the best materials for the production of gloves. This unique elastic capacity in fact can only be found in the human skin. As shown in the below table, latex gloves have much to their advantage.
The most severe disadvantage regarding the sensitization and subsequent allergies to latex proteins has been a serious problem for a number of years since the beginning of production of disposable gloves (‘90s), but has now been reduced significantly due to the extraction of many allergenic proteins of the latex (deproteinization process) during the production phase.