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Reusable gloves: the alternative to disposable gloves?


Reusable protective gloves in critical situations: tips for the correct use

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that, given the increase in demand for PPE and the interruption of their supply, the safety of people directly involved in critical situations is jeopardized.

Situations like this we are experiencing, reported by the WHO, in which the Personal Protective Equipment is lacking require the adoption of measures aimed at containing the improper and unjustified consumption of this equipment. Disposable gloves are part of that range of PPE subject to an exponential increase in demand but also to a contraction in supply.

Disposable gloves are designed to be used only once and therefore be disposed of properly. Reflexx therefore proposes a solution, the use of reusable gloves. Reusable gloves are PPE that can be sanitized so that they can be used multiple times. A valid alternative to the consumption of disposable gloves that is happening nowadays.

How to properly sanitize reusable gloves?

WHO has provided for two distinct procedures for washing and sanitizing reusable PPE garments, we explain them at the following links:

So what are reusable gloves?

There are 6 reusable gloves in our product catalog, each of them with specific features and intended uses:

Keep in mind that there is a specific procedure for removing disposable and reusable gloves, here we show you how.

Our experts are available to recommend the right glove according to specific needs.

For more information, send an email to contatti@reflexx.com

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