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Gloves developed for food professionals… suitable also for contact with dairy products


Not all gloves are suitable for contact with food and not all gloves are suitable for contact with dairy products (cheese, milk, butter and derived) too.

According to the European regulation 10/2011 the reference simulant for dairy products is 50% Ethanol (simulant D1), but not all gloves that report food suitability have faced this severe test since DM 21.03 .1973 (Italian Ministerial Decree) does not specifically require it.

Reflexx, paying high attention to the quality of its products and with the aim of avoiding any risk of food contamination, has consciously decided to adapt to the most demanding European legislation and to carry out the test with the Ethanol 50% on the gloves of the FOOD HANDLING line, plus of course all the other tests required to declare food suitability.

In this way Reflexx can assure that all the gloves of the FOOD HANDLING range are 100% Food compliant. Providing the possibility to be used with all kind of food included dairy products.

Reflexx is the brand of gloves chosen by professionals in many sectors and also by professionals working in the FOOD sector. The professionals are aware that there are no generic products suitable for all uses, but that there are specific products for every use and need. Gloves especially in the FOOD sector are an important accessory because they can be a direct cause of food contamination. For this reason it is important to choose the most correct glove according to your need of use. In FOOD it is essential to choose gloves that have been studied, developed and tested for ALL food and not just for a part of them.

Reflexx to conclude is the only brand of gloves approved by the FIC Italian Chef Federation.

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