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Do Your Gloves Pass the Viral Penetration Test?

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Gloves give you a full protection from virus, bacteria and fungi

  • What features must disposable gloves have to protect against microorganisms?
  • How to recognize and distinguish disposable gloves that fully protect your skin from virus, bacteria and fungi?
  • What are the certification test needed for protection against viruses?

Check carefully the glove boxes to be sure that are suitable for protection from viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The gloves that carry the EN ISO 374-5: 2016 pictogram on the packaging with the addition of the word “VIRUS” have passed the penetration tests against bacteria, fungi and also against virus permeability.

Tested according to ISO16604: 2004 (Phi-X174 bacteriophage).

Learn more about the EN ISO 375-5:2016 directive

Reflexx has a wide range of gloves tested against bacteria, fungi and VIRUS:

Our technicians are at your disposal to advise the right glove according to specific needs.

For further information, please write an email to contatti@reflexx.com

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