• LOW DERMA (TM) technology allows nitrile gloves to make a big step forward in terms of protection without affecting the gloves core features. Discover more on
  • Unique crosslinking ability safeguards the core performance of the glove.
  • PROTECTION: Allergy Care; Non-Sulphur & Accelerator-Free Formulation.
  • Improved ELASTICITY and force at break ability.
  • CLEAN: Innovative formulation and process that produce pure and clean gloves with reduced traces of metals and anions.
  • Micro roughened surface for increased grip and sensitiveness.
  • Powder free to reduce dermatitis and contamination risks
  • Inner chlorination for easier donning
  • PPE Cat. 3 for safety from chemichal components and micro-organism risks (Reg. EU 2016/425).
    • EN ISO 374-1:2016 / TYPE B
    • EN ISO 374-5:2016 / VIRUS: for protection against bacteria, fungi and VIRUS.
  • FCM suitable for contact with different type of food (in accordance with Directive 2002/72/EEC, UE Reg.10/2011 and subsequent updates).
  • MEDICAL DEVICE, to be used as an examination glove in medical and dental field (AQL 1.5), also invasively, intended for temporary use (according to Reg EU 2017/745, EN 455 1, 2, 3 & 4 norms).
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PPE Declaration of Conformity
MD Declaration of conformity
Informative Note
Certified Food Contact