Powder Free Eco-Friendly Nitrile Gloves Reflexx NBio – g 3.5

  • Green biodegradable nitrile glove with a biodegradation rate, in anaerobic conditions typical of biologically active landfills, faster than a standard nitrile glove
  • The biodegradation process is strongly dependent on temperature and humidity
  • Non compostable
  • The absence of powder reduces risk of dermatitis and contamination
  • Disposable, ambidextrous. 100% Latex Free.
  • Silicon not present in the gloves’ composition
  • Tested for Biodegradability according to ASTM D5511 under defined conditions



  • PPE Cat. 3 for safety from chemichal components and micro-organism risks (Reg. EU 2016/425).
    • EN ISO 374-1:2016 / TYPE C: certified with 1 chemical.
    • EN ISO 374-5:2016 / VIRUS: for protection against bacteria, fungi and VIRUS.
  • MEDICAL DEVICE, to be used as an examination glove in medical and dental field (AQL 1.5), also invasively, intended for temporary use (according to Reg EU 2017/745, EN 455 1, 2, 3 & 4 norms).
  • FCM suitable for contact with different type of food (in accordance with Directive 2002/72/EEC, DM 21.3.1973, Reg. 2004/1935/CEE, EU Reg.10/2011 and subsequent updates).


Material: Nitrile
Color: Pastel green
External surface: Microroughened
Inner surface: Powder free
Chlorination: Inner
AQL: ≤ 1,5
Length - cm: 24
Thickness - mm: 0,07
Weight - g. size M: 3,5

Recommended for





Surface: Microrough
Lenght cm: 24
Thickness mm: 0.07
Weight g: 3.5 – size M +/- 0.2
Colour: Pastel Green
Other features: Inner chlorination

PACK 100
CART. 10×100

NBio/S 8032891630211 8032891635216
NBio/M 8032891630228 8032891635223
NBio/L 8032891630235 8032891635230
NBio/XL 8032891630242 8032891635247


The gloves for alimentary use are not only a fundamental hygiene measure, it is also an FCM – Food Contact Material (Regulation EC 1935/2004 – Italian Ministerial Decree 21.03.1973, EU Reg. 10/2011).
What are FCMs? “Any material or article intended to come into contact with food shall be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practice so that they do not transfer their constituents to food in quantities which could: endanger human health, cause an unacceptable change in the food composition, or bring about a deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics thereof. All subjects in the food production chain (producer/distributor/final user) are legally obliged to verify and respect the requirements of the legislation regarding FCMs.In line with law requirements, all Reflexx gloves are tested for overall and specific migration, using food simulants.

Acids pH <4.5 X
Dairy X
Oily greasy
Dry food

The CE marking (European Conformity marking) attests that the product meets the European Union rules and requirements for manufacturing and commercial marketing.

Products usable as Medical Devices according to Reg EU 2017/745, EN 455 1, 2, 3 & 4 norms. The Reg EU 2017/745 on medical devices provides the requirements for the production of gloves to be used in health (and therefore also dental), as well as the obligations of labeling and assessment of biological safety. The gloves considered Medical Devices provide protection from cross-contamination both for the patient and the user as they are considered an effective barrier to biological fluids and microorganisms.

In April 2018 the New PPE Regulation EU 2016/425 has amended and replaced the previous PPE Directive 89/686/EEC. The new PPE regulation now specifies three classes based on risk definitions:
– CAT I: minimal risk, self-certified;
– CAT II: intermediate risks (other than those listed in Categories I and III), certified by approved body;
– CAT III: very serious risks, which may cause death or irreversible damage to health; certified by approved body.

Only the approved bodies may issue a CE mark for PPE CAT II and CAT III. Without a proper CE mark the gloves may not be sold or used.


Disposable Gloves
Material: nitrile
Garbage Can: general waste
Always check the disposal rules of your municipality

Primary Packaging (Dispenser)
Item: non corrugated cardboard box.
Material: paper PAP 21
Garbage Can: recycling bin
Always check the disposal rules of your municipality

Secondary Packaging (Carton box)
Item: corrugated cardboard box.
Material: paper PAP 20
Garbage Can: recycling bin
Always check the disposal rules of your municipality

Empty the packaging of its contents before collecting it. Reduce the volume of the dispenser and box.

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