Customer company and its needs

A distributor of packaging and paper products that counts among its customers the best Groups of Large-scale Organized Distribution asked us for advice to propose to its customers gloves in line with the regulations concerning food contact: directives 82/711 / EEC, 85/572 / EEC, 93/8 / EEC, 97/48 / EC, 2002/72 / EC and subsequent updates; regulations 1935/2004 / CE, 1895/2005 / CE, EU n.10 / 2011; DM 21/03/1973 and subsequent updates and changes; Presidential Decree 777/82 and subsequent updates and modifications, in accordance with the relevant legislation: UNI EN 1186 1-15: 2003.

The customer treated disposable latex gloves with blue-colored powder but some customers, with good knowledge of the regulations, had objected to the use of disposable latex gloves in contact with various fatty and acidic foods.

Our solution

Considering the complexity of the regulations, the high attention to the safety of products intended for contact with food, but also the multiplicity of food products with which an end user comes into contact, Reflexx has suggested and convinced the customer to replace the disposable gloves in Blue color latex with Reflexx 76 powder free Nitrile disposable gloves.

Benefits obtained

In this way, the customer has succeeded in providing your customers with the security of a product that has a much wider spectrum of action (low migration to food) than latex gloves and at the same time has also managed to reduce the price of sale and then the final customer’s budget.

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For any need regarding the production, distribution and sale of our disposable gloves in latex, nitrile, polyethylene, vinyl and reusable, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be at your disposal with competence and professionalism.
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