Customer company and its needs

The company has contacted Reflexx to evaluate the possibility of reducing internal costs with the perspective of a “spending review”.

Our solution

Given the number of employees and various types of use and having identified many jobs where it was required an hygiene glove and not only a protection glove, it has gone to trial, at various stages of processing, of a Blue color glove manufactured in mixtures of polyethylene less resistant than powder-free nitrile glove, but also much cheaper, up to 4 or 5 times cheaper.

In many areas where it was not required a Personal Protection or long-term use device, but rather a product that would only ensure hygiene and frequent replacement, the Company has chosen to use the brand new glove Reflexx 20 CPE Blue, a mixture of polyethylene that ensures quick donning, excellent sensitivity and the possibility of manipulating an even wider range of foods than Nitrile Gloves.

Benefits obtained

The Company has therefore achieved a decrease of the budget for gloves through a considerable reduction of waste and now uses a product that has no limitations on the use in contact with the various types of food. For those jobs where it is specifically required an higher protection of the user, the Client Company is still using Reflexx Nitrile powder free Gloves.

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