Client Company and their need

The dentists use a conspicuous number of gloves during the day and need gloves that ensure high safety and hygiene as well as gloves that are comfortable and not tiring.

The Latex remains the best choice for those who are not allergic to the latex proteins, as Latex ensures excellent water resistance as well as excellent dexterity and grip.

Often powdered latex gloves tend to dry the hands especially if frequently changed and therefore the best choice of all cannot be other that Powder Free Latex gloves.

With the addition of Aloe Vera lotion, powder-free latex gloves to not dry out the hands, moisturize and significantly reduce the sensation of heat and fatigue.

Our solution

The solution was found in the Reflexx Care L600 product, disposable Powder free latex gloves with Aloe Vera lotion inside. The latex glove Reflexx Care L600 are particularly suitable for the use in the dental market due to high resistance and non-slip micro-rough surface, which allows a good grip even when gloves are wet. The micro roughened surface also allows a greater sensitivity because the hand is by its nature endowed with microgrooves which enable the tactile sensation.

Advantages achieved

Our Dental Distributors are now distributing disposable latex gloves Reflexx Care L600, meeting the best expectation of their customers for safe, soft and fitting gloves.

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For any need regarding the production, distribution and sale of our disposable gloves in latex, nitrile, polyethylene, vinyl and reusable, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be at your disposal with competence and professionalism.
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