How to measure the hand size

The EN 420: 2003 standard dictates the general compliance requirements for protective gloves and defines the characteristics that gloves must necessarily have.

It is essential that the gloves, to guarantee the best performance, fit perfectly. During the purchase it is necessary to know how to identify the right hand size. But what is the correct method to measure the hand accurately? And what do we actually need to measure?

It is necessary to know the measure of the hand circumference at its widest, to do so is sufficient to use a flexible meter (like those for tailoring) and measure from the head to the position in which it is overlapped once the palm is surrounded as shown.

Then we need to check which size of the glove corresponds to that circumference. The table shows the scale of the measurements (expressed in mm) and the relative sizes.

XS 6 152
S 7 178
M 8 203
L 9 229
XL 10 254
XXL 11 297

On one side of the Reflexx packs there is a small table that indicates all the sizes available for that model.

So, size M or L?