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Reflexx Food Line: Cooks and Chefs-proof gloves!


In the food industry, gloves are a fundamental ally to avoid food contamination by operators. Hands could transfer germs, bacteria and dirt to food, contaminating the food.

The gloves themselves, however, can be a source of food contamination, if they release material and / or dye during use. Not all disposable gloves for cooks used in the HoReCa sector, in fact, are suitable for contact with food. For example, the risk of generic nitrile gloves (therefore not specific for food) is that of losing dye, additives and raw material (specific and global migrations) in contact with different types of food.

Reflexx has long offered a range of gloves for chefs strictly controlled from the point of view of composition and production. Such as powder free nitrile gloves Reflexx 72, specially designed for food contact. Their special formulation, very stable, makes them suitable for use in contact with any kind of food, while the absence of powder reduces the risk of dermatitis and contamination.

Disposable and ambidextrous, Reflexx 72 gloves represent the ideal solution for cooks and operators working in the kitchen and, more generally, in the food sector. As a further confirmation of the excellent quality level of its products, the Reflexx Food line has awarded with the official approval of F.I.C. – Federazione Italiana Cuochi, the most important association of the sector in Italy.

If you want more information on the different models of Reflexx gloves for cooks, write to us at contacts@reflexx.com.

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