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Reflexx introduces new reusable gloves specially developed and designed to meet the needs of the Food industry customers.

Most household gloves in rubber latex, subjected to rigorous testing law, highlight  restrictions of use in respect of different types of foods, especially with fat, oil and acid.

Such migrations can not only organoleptically modify the food, but also  transfer some harmful material. We are talking about food therefore it is not simply a commercial approach to the problem.

The custom and various bodies  checks on the correct use of Materials and Items in Contact with Food are becoming more and more  frequent and so is the awareness for proper use of the gloves.

For these reasons Reflexx had long been looking for products with a formulation that could be used without any limitation.

After over a year of research we finally found a stable and suitable formulation for either   DISPOSABLE gloves and for a re-usable glove.

This gave rise to the REFLEXX 95 Food Handling and REFLEXX 72 Food handlng.

Both products have passed  good migration tests toward all simulants with Italian certified laboratories.

The commissioned tests were conducted, not only on generic global migrations towards the various simulants, but also taking into consideration:

  • possible migration of dyes through transmittance tests
  • the determination of possible migration of Ditiocarbammates, thiurams and Xanogenates
  • the determination of any specific migrations of Acrylonitrile
  • the determination of any specific migrations of Mercaprobenziotiazolo, compound found in many Nitrile Gloves considered to be hazardous by DM 21.03.1973 and on which we are compelled to perform tests for 24 hours, even though the products are tested and recommended for use in 30 min at 40 °.

The sale of such products are complemented and accompanied by statements of Food Contact (SAY) and Test complete and updated that clearly indicate to the

Users  the results mentioned above.

The tests were conducted for continuous contact not over 30 min at 40 °. These temperature limits are in line

  • with maximum warmth with which a hand wearing a fine glove can come into contact and
  • the contact time “continuous” estimated during a normal shift
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