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Latex: an intelligent choice


Latex gloves: facts and myths

In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence and development of synthetic materials (nitrile and vinyl) that offer a valid alternative for all those who experience latex-related allergies. But the market has evolved, and the professional risks associated with this material have effectively diminished. When compared to vinyl and nitrile gloves, latex gloves remain an excellent choice in terms of strength, elasticity, durability and comfort.

We would like to shed some light on the myths about latex.

  • Proteins in latex gloves cause sensibility in some individuals, leading to allergic reactions

For several years, powder-free low-protein natural latex gloves have been available, which have a protein content of less than 50 µg/g, limiting the risk of allergic reactions* and increasing biocompatibility. Other more common forms of allergy and dermatitis are not due to latex but are often reactions to additives used in production processes similar to those used in nitrile gloves.

  • The protein content in latex gloves is not always specified

Reflexx verifies and declares the total protein content of latex present inside its gloves with extreme precision, in total transparency and to the exclusive advantage of the customer.

  • Disposable gloves are difficult to dispose of

False! Not all disposable gloves are difficult to dispose of. Latex gloves, for example, originate from sustainable and renewable sources and biodegrade much more quickly than synthetic products such as nitrile and PVC (vinyl). Reflexx latex gloves biodegrade in just a few years.

In short, choosing latex gloves is now an ecological and sustainable choice. An example?

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*nowadays this risk is very low and is limited to those with a previously established history of latex allergy. The safety of these users, who are unable to use latex gloves, is guaranteed by the use of a symbol warning of the presence of latex, which is immediately recognisable, and the information is repeated in the cautionary information provided (as required by the regulation regarding medical devices n. 2017/745).

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