Customer company and its needs

“In a delicate environment such as food, choosing the right glove is fundamental”. This is the sentence that started the meeting between us and an important client operating in the food industry.

The glove designed for food processing must meet certain quality standards. The company’s need was to expand and improve its range of gloves specifically designed for food processing and to comply with current regulations.

Our proposal

Reflexx has met the company’s needs by offering the Reflexx N65 glove model. The surface of this type of glove is, for the most part, equipped with a special “diamond” pattern that allows the operator to grip firmly even in damp conditions and with oily, fatty and therefore slippery foods.

Reflexx N65, like the other FULL GRIP gloves, is a PPE III class, it conforms to the chemical resistance provided by EN ISO 374-1 and has a strong mechanical resistance to cope with, for example, the risk of punctures.

Due to the fact this glove is intended for food industry, the color is BLUE. In this way, in the unlikely event that the glove gets broken, the fragments are easily recognizable within the food and can be removed without loose the food integrity and without contaminating it.

The glove is produced in sizes S, M, L and XL and is presented in boxes containing 50 pieces.

Benefits obtained

The Reflexx N65 “latex free” nature is meant to keep safe the users who may present intolerances to the latex components. From a HACCP perspective and therefore Risk Analysis, the adoption of a blue glove is certainly a correct precautionary measure.

The customer was satisfied of our gloves.

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