A mechanical company based in Venice with a deep knowledge in the automotive field, which designs and manufactures small and medium engine components has showed a strong interest for the Reflexx N85 glove.

The company needs

The company workers needed a glove that improved the grip with the small mechanical components and tools, during the daily construction and maintenance operations.

The glove Reflexx N85 has been suggested as FULL GRIP best solution tailored for the mechanical industry

The Reflexx N85 is a disposable glove part of the “Full Grip” line. It is specifically designed to increase the grip with iron tools, steel and plastic.

Palm and fingers have a diamond pattern that improves the grip on slippery materials and tools especially in case of the presence of damp, oils and fats.

The orange glove is designed for low light visibility conditions.

Customers Feedback

We have collected feedback after a 20 days trial period from the customers:

  1. 9 out of 10 mechanics were satisfied with the glove in all its features;
  2. 10 out of 10 mechanics consider the grip very useful because it enhance the grasp on the tools and materials;
  3. the orange color facilitated the mechanical operations mainly in conditions of low visibility, as in some internal parts of mechanical constructions;
    8 out of 10 mechanics were satisfied by the good glove resistance;
  4. the sensitivity was rated so good by all the workers to evaluate as possible replacement of reusable gloves which do not guarantee the same tactile sensitivity (fundamental while working with very tiny equipments and materials).

Reflexx N85 is available in black (N85 Black) the elegant alternative for those who prefer to hide the grease or oil stains on the glove.

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