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Since a few years ago, mechanics could be recognized by the color of their hands, constantly black due to the continuous contact with grease, oil and solvents. At the same time, on the market, there were still no disposable gloves aimed to the industrial sector and designed for heavy use just like the case of mechanical production or other sectors such as food.

Today, however, the technological evolution in the production of disposable gloves and the use of “latex free” materials boosted use of disposable gloves and it has become widespread also in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the automotive sector.

Our solution

The solution proposed by Reflexx is the new FULL GRIP line, a set of three powder-free nitrile gloves. The flagship of this product is the special “diamond” texture pattern on the entire palm and fingers that provides an optimal grip even in particularly damp or slippery environments. This special 3D GRIP greatly increases the contact surface and improves the grip even in the presence of water, oil and grease.

These gloves are distinguished by their color, which determines the scope of use:

Reflexx N65: LIGHT BLUE glove, lighter in weight than its siblings (6.5g), is suitable for the food sector due to its color that can not be found in any kind of food. If the glove is torn, the fragments are easily identifiable, thus avoiding contamination of the food. Nothing prevents you from using this glove for other types of work other than food processing as the 3D GRIP it presents is identical to the N85 and N85B models.

Reflexx N85: it is not new to Reflexx, in fact it was introduced during last year and immediately appreciated in the whole automotive sector. The ORANGE color, which provides high visibility, helps the user’s operations in the darkest and poorly lit areas. Also in this case the glove is made of nitrile and weighs just 8.4g (size M).

Reflexx N85B: is the BLACK nitrile glove and its weight is 8,4 gr (size M) that makes it particularly suitable for heavy use and where high mechanical strength is required. The black color is appreciated because it is less dirty and last longer.

Benefits obtained

In the industrial environments, using quality gloves pays off and is also a savings, because it means wasting fewer gloves due to breakage or defects. The FULL GRIP line gloves are top quality and they are produced with selected raw materials and thorough quality checks that guarantee every functional aspect.

In the industrial/automotive applications, BLACK is the most requested color due to the fact it helps to hide any oil or grease residues, but also ORANGE which is very visible when working in low-light environments and also helps RSPPs in during the checking of the correct use of PPE.

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