Five years of collaboration with the Italian Federation of Chefs

Way back in 2016, when we founded our prestigious collaboration with the Italian Federation of Chefs(the FIC), the most important association in the sector, with 16,000 associates of which 12,000 are professional chefs, our aim was to create synergy with an entity that pays particular attention to all aspects of hygiene and contact with food. Aspects which appear to be marginal, but which are essential components of quality cuisine.

The collaboration with the FIC has contributed to Reflexx now being able to offer a comprehensive line of gloves suitable for contact with food that can be used with all types of foodstuff and in a wide range of professional fields, from the food processing industry to large-scale restaurant kitchens; from canteens and collective catering to food departments in large-scale retail..

Nowadays, the majority of professional Italian chefs use gloves from the Reflexx Food line in their daily activities. A goal that is the result of the partnership created between the F.I.C. and Reflexx five years ago.

One that will continue in search of ever-safer solutions in the constantly evolving food sector.

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