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The new generation of disposable gloves: Reflexx CARE

Reflexx Care gloves

Even in the disposable gloves industry, the research on materials and the evolution of production technologies have led to the development of more bio-compatible products suitable also for the most sensitive skin.

Reflexx, always focused on the market’s needs and constantly looking for innovative products, first seized this challenge and developed a whole range of gloves dedicated to nutrition and hands protection.

Reflexx CARE is a completely new disposable gloves line in terms of products and image. Main target are all subjects having problems with irritation, redness, skin swelling due to the use of traditional gloves.

Are becoming more and more frequent, not only the very well known latex allergies, but also type IV allergies to the chemical components used during the production process of nitrile gloves.

Reflexx Care is composed by four products:

Colloidal oatmeal is a natural element very popular in cosmetics and dermatology and known since  ancient times. The combination of colloidal oatmeal and disposable glove create a natural physical barrier between glove and skin absorbing water, urea and salt excretions and thus having a healthier skin.

Latex gloves with aloe vera, are not a novelty in the market but it is highly appreciated for skin’s soothing and nutrition properties.

The model Reflexx Care N350, is unique in the market and as ipoallergenic glove, is the best solution for porfessionals wearing gloves for many hours a day  and are struggling with both latex and nitrile gloves.

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