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Vinyl and nitrile: strength through unity. Even with gloves


The new Reflexx V34 line of vinyl gloves

Are you looking for vinyl gloves that combine important savings with increased resistance? Reflexx recently launched the new Reflexx V34 powder-free vinyl gloves with added nitrile on the market. In comparison with latex and nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves are less resistant, characterised by lower molecular cohesion and reduced elasticity, resulting more prone to breaking.
This is why the Reflexx V34 gloves, thanks to the addition of nitrile, guarantee excellent resistance (against scratches, cuts and perforations) and good elasticity. These characteristics render them ideal for use in laboratories and beauty centres, by hairdressers, and for the entire cleaning sector.
Reflexx V34 gloves are disposable, ambidextrous and 100% latex free. The absence of powder also reduces the risk of dermatitis.
Unsure which glove is the one for you? Our technical staff are on hand to recommend the right glove according to specific needs.
For further information send an email to contatti@reflexx.com

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