• Ultima modifica September 12, 2022

Nitrile glove REFLEXX 77, hairline but Resistant

Reflexx proposes a brand new ultrasensitive Nitrile glove , elastic and resistant at the same time, named Reflexx 77.

Produced by latest generation plants with very low thicknesses (0.05 mm. average) the gloves pass though strict standards as Medical Devices (EN 455) which require controlled AQL and tensile strenght . The Reflexx 77 has also been  tested by an independent laboratory as class III PPE.

It is also suitable for use in contact with different types of food.

The innovation lies in the packaging: the  200 pcs. pack significantly reduces the cost of packaging material, transport and handling.

If the cost savings of packaging are appreciated only on the purchase, the savings in terms of transportation and handling are multiplied by the times which the product is transported and handled.

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