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New latex glove for odontologists, prosthodontists and dental hygiene specialists

Dentist and dental assistant examining patient teeth. Dentist and Patient are Women, Assistant is a Man. Patient is Relaxed and not scared of Dentist.

New latex glove for odontologists, prosthodontists and dental hygiene specialists

ergonomic glove for dental surgeries

Gloves with an anatomical design and double fit, differentiated for the right and left hand.

In the dental sector, gloves form part of standard safety equipment. Gloves do not in fact only protect the dentist and assistants, but also the patient, guaranteeing the utmost levels of hygiene.

All staff in a dental surgery always use gloves to protect their hands while working, and this leads to the need to wear comfortable gloves with specific characteristics, such as, for example, an anatomical design with a dedicated glove for the right hand and one for the left hand.

This is why it is so important for us at Reflexx to always provide gloves of the utmost quality for professionals in the dental sector.

The L1100 is the new glove in our line designed for increased comfort:

  • anatomical design, with a differentiated fit for the right and left hand
  • long cuff for greater protection of the forearm and fastening of the edge over clothing
  • micro-roughened surface on the fingers to increase the grip and tactile sensitivity
  • powder-free latex glove to reduce the risk of allergies, dermatitis and contamination



double fit for left and right hand

Disposable gloves anatomically designed for different fits for the right and left hand

Check Out the new L1100



Our technicians are available to recommend the right glove according to specific needs.

For more information, send an email to contatti@reflexx.com

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