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New Article Reflexx 72 FH

The new Reflexx 72 FH has been specifically designed to meet customers’ needs in the food sector and catering.

So far we’ve seen gloves that after rigorous testing, should be excluded from use with this or that food (non acid food, non fatty food, non alcoholic food), also for Nitrile Gloves notoriously more suitable for food contact than latex or vinyl, often creating problems especially where food are varied (vd. Catering in general).

For this reason, Reflexx has long been looking for a glove with a formulation that can satisfy every user and to use without any restriction. After over a year of research we finally found a stable formulation and identified a weight with a proper balance between the needs of the food sector and sustainable costs.

This led to the REFLEXX 72 FH “Food Handling.”

Besides accompanying the sales of the product with Food Contact Certifications and appropriate and updated tests with excellent global and specific migration results within the limits of the rules (the results are well within half the legal limit ), we also clearly state the results on the box in order to better explain the correct use of the product.

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