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Italian Chef federation Agreement


Reflexx is glad to announce that the Reflexx Line Food Handling Gloves have received the prestigious professional certification by the Italian Chefs Federation, the leading industry association whit 16,000 Associates, 12,000 are professional chefs.

The F.I.C. council rated the 3 types of Reflexx gloves to be excellent for the use in contact with food.

The Reflexx gloves, suitable for food contact, are  periodically and strictly tested, and greeted with great interest by the Italian Federation of Chefs, particularly conscious about aspects that may seem marginal, but are essential components of good cooking , such as hygiene and the compliance with HACCP manual and hence the careful use Materials and Articles intended to Food Contact.

The Reflexx products of the “Food Handling” Line will therefore be  approved by the trademark of  the Italian Chefs Federation   , an important symbol, recognizable by most Italian professional chefs, who are continuously professionally updating, guaranteed by the FIC, their ingredient secret of success.

The new line of gloves FOOD HANDLING consists of Reflexx

  • A reusable glove, Reflexx 95 FH for jobs where a good resistance is required
  • A disposable glove, Reflexx 72FH, for every job which requires good protection
  • And the Reflexx 20, an innovative and intelligent products that require maximum hygiene at the lowest possible cost
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