What does it mean that a glove is not suitable for oily and fat foods?

It can not be used in contact with foodstuffs containing fat (bakery, biscuit and pastry products with fresh, surface fat, chocolate and substitutes, confectionery with surface fat, fruits and vegetables preserved in oily medium, In the form of pasta or cream, animal and vegetable fats and oils, natural or processed (cocoa butter, lard, melted butter, margarine, other than fruit, nuts, nuts, cherries, almonds, Fats consisting of emulsions of water in oil), fresh, chilled, processed, salted or smoked fish, including fish eggs, fish and oily fish, crustaceans and molluscs (including oysters, mussels, snails ) Preserved or cooked without shell in oily medium, fresh, chilled, salted, smoked meats, processed meat products (ham, salami, bacon, sausages and others) or under Pasta or cream form, oatmeal marinated meat products, natural crusty or edible crustaceans (gouda, camembert and the like) and light cheeses, oats preserved in oats, fried or roasted foods, products other than Fatty character (preparations for soups, broths or liquid sauces, solid or in powder form; Homogenized composite food preparations, ready-made meals, including yeast and yeasts), fatty sauces (mayonnaise, salad sauces and other oil / water emulsions, for example coconut sauces), champagne, sandwiches, pizza and toast Having fats on the surface, cocoa paste, spices and aromas in an oily medium such as pesto, curry pasta).