The gloves in the Reflexx Food line are among the first to be specially studied and designed for the food sector and are continuously evolving. This is a complete line of gloves with a range of differing characteristics, a product group which can be used with all types of food and in various professional sectors which use gloves on a daily basis: the food processing and transformation industry, restaurant kitchens of all sizes, canteens, mass catering and the food sectors of large-scale retail (delicatessens, charcuterie, fishmongers, bakeries). All the products in the Reflexx Food line are rigorously controlled both during production and before distribution.

Reflexx Food line

Reflexx food line

Reflexx food line

Reflexx Food line gloves are tested beyond legal requirements and various times per year, in order to assess the stability of the materials in different production lots. The entire Reflexx Food line has obtained – and continues to obtain – results within the regulation limits regarding overall and specific migration in all tests.

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