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Prevention is better than cure


Also in the disposable gloves industry, the study of materials and the evolution of production technologies has led to the development of more bio-compatible products suitable also for those with the most sensitive skin.

Reflexx, always attentive to the market’s needs and constantly searching for innovative products, has taken this challenge very seriously and developed “Reflexx CARE”, an entire line of gloves dedicated to nutrition and hand skin protection.

Within the Reflexx Care line, today we would like to present an absolutely innovative model: N350, a 3.5 gram nitrile disposable glove that is made with a special production technology that eliminates heavy metals (eg sulfur) and accelerating chemical elements (eg, tiurami, carbamates, benzothiazoles) generally used during the production process. In this way, the glove retains its characteristics of elasticity and protection but, thanks to the absence of metals and accelerators, guarantees maximum compatibility even with the hands of those who have developed the increasingly widespread type IV allergy to nitrile gloves.

Reflexx Care N350 glove, due to its cleanliness, lightness and bio-compatibility is the correct glove to prevent redness, irritation and swelling of the hands, it is ideal for all kid of jobs that need to wear disposable gloves for several hours a day.

Because your hands are precious and Reflexx takes care of it.

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