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The new regulation regarding PPEs (EU 2016/425) which came into effect in April 2018 clearly differentiates the capacity for resistance to chemical elements of all personal protective equipment devices and in particular of gloves.

In fact it identifies three types of resistance to chemical elements: TYPE A, TYPE B and TYPE C.

Gloves certified as TYPE A pass permeation tests (≥ 30 minutes) against a minimum of 6 chemicals from among those indicated by the regulation. Those certified as TYPE B pass permeation tests (≥ 30 minutes) against a minimum of 3 chemicals, and lastly those which obtain TYPE C EN ISO 347-1:2016 certification passed permeation tests for ≥ 10 minutes against only 1 test chemical.

The permeation time is the time that a chemical compound takes to break through the glove material from the outside to the inside, thus coming into contact with the hand. The certified chemical elements are indicated below the regulation pictogram.

It is clear that the gloves most suitable for protecting users from a chemical point of view are those certified as TYPE A, guaranteeing extensive versatility in the type of protection offered.

The range offered by Reflexx, an Italian company specialised in the production and distribution of high-quality disposable and reusable gloves, includes 5 models which have obtained TYPE A certification and which thus represent the top of the range of Reflexx “chemical” gloves:

  • Reflexx 98 – disposable long-cuffed latex glove with elevated thickness
  • Reflexx 99 – disposable long-cuffed nitrile glove with elevated thickness
  • Reflexx 68 – green nitrile glove
  • Reflexx 70 – light-blue nitrile glove
  • Reflexx 101HD – reusable neoprene and latex glove

All the other gloves in the extensive Reflexx range are certified TYPE B.

The 6 chemical elements used to test the various gloves are:

  • L – Sulphuric acid (96%)
  • K – Sodium hydroxide (40%)
  • G – Diethylamine
  • M – Nitric acid (65%)
  • T – Formaldehyde (37%)
  • P – Hydrogen peroxide (30%)

It is important to choose the right glove for each type of use. In accordance with legal requirements, the packaging for the gloves carries information regarding the chemical elements with which the gloves have been tested together with the results in terms of breakthrough time.

Reflexx 101HD – reusable 105 gr glove in neoprene and latex, offering high chemical and mechanical resistance. It has a lightly-felted inner lining which renders it comfortable to wear, and it is externally chlorinated to increase durability and improve resistance to chemicals.

Sold in pairs in a convenient plastic bag.

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