Reflexx: the only detergents tested gloves

Not only continuous exposure of hands to water, but prolonged contact with chemical compounds can damage our skin.
Reflexx, at the forefront in research and development, providing gloves, disposable and reusable, which really protect the skin of the users, recently tested in accordance with EN374-3 some of its gloves. The tests were carried by CE accredited laboratories, selecting 4 Reflexx gloves among the ones commonly used by cleaning companies and placing them in contact with 3 groups of chemical elements among the most widespread in high quality detergents for professional cleaning. Goal was to evaluate the chemical resistance of each glove model to permeation.

SOLVENTS present in degreasing products, window cleaners, dusting and floor detergents
ACIDS present in descaling agents to remove inorganic portion, especially limestone
ALKALI present in the dishwasher and degreasers are used to remove the organic part, soft fat and charred

Reflexx tests periodically its gloves and takes care of Cleaning Companies to advise the correct glove for each use.
Reflexx offers to the Head of Corporate Security the possibility to choose the best Personal Protective Equipment according to the business risks.
With Reflexx gloves operators are safer and your company is more secure!

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