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New hypoallergenic gloves to prevent contact hand dermatitis


Hand dermatitis is increasingly widespread and represents a reaction of the epidermis to exposure to irritating natural or artificial chemicals. For subjects who for professional reasons are required to wear disposable gloves for several hours a day, it may be gloves, both in latex and also in nitrile, that cause allergic hand dermatitis.

In the field of disposable gloves, in order to PREVENT allergic contact dermatitis to the hands, a great development of more bio-compatible products is in progress, suitable also for subjects with the most sensitive skin.

Reflexx, which always pais attention to the needs of the market and to the constant search for innovative products, took this challenge first and introduced two HYPOALLERGENIC gloves in its catalogue.

In addition to Reflexx Care N350, which has been highly appreciated by the market for 2 years, the new Reflexx N71 has been added and will be available starting from January 2020. It is a hypoallergenic disposable powder-free nitrile glove with a weight of 4.2 g (size M) and is therefore suitable for all people prone to allergic hand dermatitis.

Reflexx N71 is made using LOW DERMA ™ technology which includes a  production process free of heavy metals (eg sulfur) and accelerating chemical elements (eg thiuram, carbamates, benzothiazoles) generally used during the production of disposable nitrile gloves.

LowDerma is a patented technology by one of the most advanced world players in the field of disposable gloves that has developed the concept of CLEAN and SAFE protection.

Thanks to this technology, the glove maintains its elasticity and protection but it also guarantees maximum compatibility even with the hands of those suffering from the increasingly widespread nitrile gloves type IV allergy.

Thanks to its thickness of 0.09mm, Reflexx N71 represents the right balance between protection and sensitivity and makes it a universal glove for different uses, varying from light industry to food.

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