DynamiΣ PRC: Reflexx supports young engineering talents

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DynamiΣ PRC: Reflexx supports young engineering talents

Reflexx has started a collaboration with DynamiΣ PRC, the racing department of the Politecnico di Milano which competes in the international Formula SAE championship.

Uniquely composed of selected students from the various faculties of the Politecnico: young engineers, designers and technicians, the goal of DynamiΣ is the design and production of a single-seater racing car, evaluated in its design and performance qualities in dedicated circuits in renowned racetracks world.

Every year the team develops an improved car compared to previous years and, this time, they will be able to do so wearing Reflexx gloves. Thanks to our technical advice, DynamiΣ students will use suitable gloves for the different vehicle production operations. The various gloves supplied include the Reflexx 68 and Reflexx 99 nitrile models for mechanical use but also the cut-resistant Reflexx N22 and Reflexx PU22 supported work gloves. As well as the only Reflexx T25 model to resist during the lamination of the carbon parts of the vehicle.

Formula SAE is one of the most important electric prototype competitions in the world. Each year the teams are called upon to design, build and bring to the track a racing prototype in formula style. The project is evaluated in seven events, which analyze from the performance on the track, to the engineering design, up to the economic and financial analysis of the car.