Reflexx 48 Latex gloves for dental market

Company, client and their needs

Reflexx s.r.l. has received from a distributor of medical and dental products the request of supply for powdered and non powdered Latex gloves to be sold to dentist and hygienists.

Considered the importance of the Dental Market and the necessity t o give gloves that may be both resistant and sensitive, Reflexx has proposed the Reflexx 48 latex gloves.

Considered the relevant category, the main requirement was to use a Latex glove highly resistant and very sensitive, essentialto guarantee a correct movement of the fingers and extreme protection and safety.

The requirement enphasized by the client was to have a soft glove, perfectly donning, with a textured surface in order to guarantee a good grip on the tools and wet gloves.

To be taken into consideration also the high risk of allergies and dermatitis, especially for sensitive skins, amongst the frequent users for prolonged lapse of time.

Our solution

The solution has been found with the Reflexx 48 Latex glove, green color and lightly prepowdered with corn starch.

The Reflex x48 Latex glove is particularly indicated in the Dental Market thanks to its resi stance and anti slip grip, that allows a perfect grip even in slippery conditions.

The Micro roughened surface allows also a better sensitiveness, since the human palm of the hand is itself naturally micro roughened for tactile sensitivity.

The advantages obtained

The client has distributed to his customers the Reflexx 48 disposable latex glove, satisfying the need of a soft and well fitting glove with an roughened surface that allows grip even on wet conditions.